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     Near the end of the last century, a friend of mine operated a little cosmetics business from his home where he manufactured and bottled his own products. Putting labels on his bottles and jars by hand was always a pain in the neck. It was so slow, the blank laser labels were expensive, and very few were straight and perfectly aligned. He shopped all of the hand operated labeling machines on the market, but they were all too expensive for his little business. He just couldn't justify spending $1500 for a simple hand operated labeler.
      The Easy Labeler manual label machine is built in America. It is a durable  machine, and will give you many years of reliable service.  Easy Labeler is guaranteed for parts and workmanship for two years. We have a 30 day return policy. Contact us for information. If you are a small business, this is the Labeling Machine you have been looking for.
NOTICE: Orders placed today can take 3 to 5 days to be shipped.We are usually much quicker.  Priority Mail shipping usually takes 2 or 3 days to arrive in the US. 6 to 10 days internationally.
Email a request for optional no cost Front/ Back Label adapter after ordering.
You can order on line or over the phone.             
Call us at 413 628 4744 anytime.
Easy Labeler HC8 only $599.00
For self adhesive Label Rolls up to 7 Inches Wide, and Containers up to 8" in Diameter
Shipping by USPS Priority Mail • USA $25.00 Canada  $55.00 • International $85.00
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Easy Labeler
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For ordering your printed roll labels www.Wizardlabels.com   Lightninglabels and Consolidatedlabel.com have low prices and offer great service.

When ordering your labels, label orientation is #3, Labels Out, Right Edge Leading. Standard 3" Core.  Maximum diameter of the roll is 8 inches.

Paper labels feed best. Die cut labels apply more easily than butt cut labels because there is a space between die cut labels on the roll. Thin, butt cut plastic labels require more careful adjustments.

Having your roll labels printed can actually be cheaper than printing your own inkjet or laser labels in sheets, considering the cost of blank labels and the cost of toner or ink. When you factor in the cost of a printer and all the work, there’s no comparison. An affordable label applicator machine just makes good business sense.
Click here for a diagram of Label Orientation
The Affordable Bottle Label Applicator Machine for Small Home Businesses
Manual Label Applicators - $399 - Bottle Labeler Machines - (413) 628-4744
     He thought he should be able to find a good manual label machine for under $400,
but it didn't exist. That's when he got the idea for the Easy Labeler. It took him over
10 years get around to it, but he developed just the machine he was looking for.
The Easy Labeler does everything the more expensive manual machines do, and it does it for only $399. I was so impressed with the machine, I bought his business.
      It uses self adhesive roll labels up to 8 inches in diameter and rolls up to 4.5 inches wide. We have larger models that can handle rolls up to 8.5 inches wide. Remember, 4.5 inches is the width of the roll, and not the width of the label on your container. It accepts labels on both 1 inch and 3 inch cores. Front and back labels can be applied with an optional Front/Back attachment at no cost. We also offer attachments that allow containers with small lips or recesses to be labeled successfully. Just ask. Tapered containers won’t work with this machine. Labels that wrap entirely around the container to overlap or come close to overlapping need special care to align properly.
Easy Labeler WR5 only $499.00
For self adhesive Label Rolls up to 4.5 Inches Wide. and Smaller Round Containers 1/2" to 5" in Diameter 
Shipping by USPS Priority Mail • USA $20.00 Canada $55.00 • International $85.00
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Easy Labeler HC6 only $399.00
For self adhesive Label Rolls up to 4.5 Inches Wide. Round Containers from 1.5" to 5" in diameter.  Shipping by USPS Priority Mail • USA $16.00 Canada  $55.00 • International $85.00
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Shipping by USPS Priority Mail • USA $25.00 Canada  $55.00 • International $85.00
Easy Labeler HC8XL only $679.00
Rolls up to 7 Inches Wide, Cans & Containers from 1/2" to 8" in Diameter
Shipping by USPS Priority Mail • USA $25.00 Canada  $55.00 • International $85.00
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Labeling Machine

I discovered Easy Labeler online when searching for a hands-on solution for labeling my organic skin care products. I was able to label over 10,000 units in less than 1 week, saving my business money and ensuring quality control. There is nothing greener than the Easy Labeler, a 100% savings on my electric bill.
The label machine arrived this morning and all I can say is WOW!! We got it setup and are very impressed with the results thus far!! It takes us about 10 seconds to do one bottle now, whereas before it would take almost a minute trying to get everything aligned properly by hand!!
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my Easy Labeler machine. Took a little practice to figure out optimum performance, but I am now very quick with set up and application. This is WAY better than hand application, and I really think after all the research I did, I definitely found the best value. Trust me I searched a lot! What used to take us about three or more hours by hand now only takes about a half hour, if that. Thanks again.
I want to tell you that I LOVE my new labeler! I just got around to playing with it today and it works GREAT! I am in the process of opening a very small boutique winery and I myself just couldn't bring myself to spend $1500 for one. Thank you soooo much! You rock! ; )
Meg from TX
The labeler was a life saver!  Worked like a top! Thanks  again!
Daniel from WA
Great job on the labeler.  Well built and works great!  Kudos.  :)
Matt from AZ
The easy labeler is a great little machine! I just bought one and it works great. The shipping was super? fast and the support is great, i had a question and he got back to me right away. And you cant beat the price (trust me i tried)
M.M. from  MN